David Eaton Designs a Family’s Private Garden in Brooklyn

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Project by David Eaton Associates

Located in the bustling city of Brooklyn, NY hides a split-level, elegant and quaint garden for a family of three.

Designed by David Eaton & Associates, landscape architect David Eaton worked with the family to create a sense of place that responded to the existing conditions of the site while tailoring to the needs of the family.

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Before // Project by David Eaton Associates

Prior to being contracted as the designer, the existing space in the backyard was “bare and overshadowed by a large existing Sugar Maple”, said Eaton. With limited direct sunlight in the space, the challenge for David was to create a garden that responded to all seasons; ‘blooming with color during spring, summer and fall’.

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(Top) Landscape Rendering by David Eaton Associates // (Bottom) Installed Landscape by David Eaton Associates

Responding to the depth of the space, David proposed pleached trees, a technique of interweaving branches through bamboo structures to create a hedge. “The hedge served as a multi-tiered element to the space, creating different heights but playing off of the existing conditions of a split-level landscape.” 

Access to the backyard was limited, which required precise planning. Certain elements like the custom corten planters, which were welded off-site, had to be brought through the downstairs window to the split-level terrace. “The planters physically prevented access to the edge of the top level and removed the need for guardrails, whilst also providing an opportunity to green up the space.”

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Project by David Eaton Associates

While items were pre-assembled off-site, certain elements were required to be constructed on-site. Hand-carved and sculpted in the monolithic concrete wall are architectural reliefs that break up the solid surface, with intricately placed ornamental artifacts. On the opposite side, are poured concrete shelves that hold the outdoor kitchen elements to extend the interior of the space and provide an area outside to entertain for the family.

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Project by David Eaton Associates

Various materials were used in the project like resin-bond gravel, Old Carolina brick, and also willow fencing used as a shade structure to allow dappled light into the space while providing privacy from above within the city.

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Project by David Eaton Associates

David Eaton CMLI, PLA, is an award winning British landscape architect, designer and gardener.

Prior to establishing David Eaton Associates LLC in 2018, David worked in several distinguished landscape practices, including LDA Design in England, and Deborah Nevins Associates and Miranda Brooks Landscape Design, in New York City.

On all of David’s projects, he pays close attention to detail and listens closely to your ideas, inspirations, and ambitions. The conversations that are discussed on-site help David develop the sense of space so the garden can be an extension to your life.

Landscape Architect: David Eaton Associates

Outdoor Furniture: Munder Skiles

Pottery: Campania International

Lanterns: Restoration Hardware

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