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Introduction to AutoCAD for Landscape Design

How to use AutoCAD as your primary landscape architecture software to develop 2D landscape plans, gardens and designs.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to set up AutoCAD for landscape design
  • How to create accurate base plans of existing project sites
  • How to create landscape layers with custom lineweights
  • How to use (24) of the most used commands in AutoCAD
  • How to dimension the main elements of a landscape plan
  • How to import Plat of Surveys in PDF format or .jpeg format
  • How to work with XREF’s from Civil Engineers or other AEC disciplines
  • How to create plant lists and include material lists on landscape plan
  • How to create a plant symbol and transfer into a block
  • How to draw topography/contour sections
  • How to set up your landscape plan on paper
  • How to export landscape plans for client meetings
Online Course teaching an introduction to AutoCAD for Landscape Design, a complete beginner course.

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