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Video Tutorials


Pre-Built CAD Symbols



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Course includes AutoCAD Templates and Files

Pre-Built Templates & Files

Course includes Optimized Settings

Importable Settings

Course includes optimized lineweights

Optimized Lineweights

Landscape CAD Blocks

By the End of This Course, You Will Know How To:

Laptop showing AutoCAD interface with landscape design plan.

Course Approved by APLD

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is an international organization dedicated to recognizing quality within the profession.

By completing AutoCAD for Landscape Design, this online course in AutoCAD earns you 5 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) towards your APLD certification!

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Outcome of This Landscape Design Course

Part of what makes this landscape design course so distinctive within the industry is the unique set of 185+ pre-built CAD blocks and symbols.

These drag-and-drop symbols allow landscape professionals to design faster with turn-key solutions for AutoCAD.

The Minimalist Library

included with course

Printed landscape plans produced from this landscape design AutoCAD course

What Students Are Saying:

When Finished, You Have:


Optimized AutoCAD Settings

Not only can you start designing immediately with the pre-built settings in AutoCAD, but use these optimized AutoCAD settings for future landscape design projects.


Lifetime Course Access

We make it easier and less stressful for users enrolled in our course to learn a completely new software in a short amount of time. Gain assurance knowing you can revisit material.


Library of CAD Symbols

AutoCAD does not come equipped with CAD landscape symbols. Drag-and-drop 180+ pre-built CAD landscape symbols to speed up the design process and complete projects on time.


About the Instructor

I’m Jordan – founder of The Landscape Library.

I believe great landscape architecture emerges when the natural character of any environment is complimented with a carefully curated space that brings natural life, functionality and creativity to those who view and occupy the space.

After leaving Bjarke Ingels Group in 2020, I freelanced for award winning and upscale landscape design professionals in the United States using Rhino and AutoCAD as my primary 2D and 3D software’s to develop plans, sections and renderings for client’s. Regardless of the geographic location, I noticed businesses, employees and designers not exploiting software’s to their full capability- ultimately slowing down the process and not taking advantage of efficiency in software.

In 2021, shortly after realizing this, I founded The Landscape Library to bridge the gap between small and large businesses by creating an online platform that provides trainings, pre-built digital tools, resources and media for landscape designers.

Media Features:

Course Certification

Once completing “AutoCAD for Landscape Design”, you will receive a Certification of Completion certificate!

Your hard work, time commitment, and enhancement of software skills are rewarded by entering and completing this online landscape design course.

What Students Are Saying:

"This online course was a very satisfying course to participate in. I will be returning to the different modules to refresh what I learned and to add any additional learning."
Landscape Designer

When You Enroll, You Receive:

Product image for landscape design course in AutoCAD

AutoCAD for Landscape Design

$997 value

Suite of 40+ video tutorials for freelancers, independent designers, small business owners, or landscape contractors.

This comprehensive online course guides designers with step-by-step lessons on how to use AutoCAD for the landscape design industry.

The Minimalist Library

$227 value

(2) pre-built libraries totaling 120+ symbols

#1) hardscape library consisting of 60+ CAD blocks consisting of furniture, firepits, boulders, shade structures, vehicles, equipment, and more.

#2) softscape library consisting of 60+ CAD blocks consisting of deciduous & evergreen trees, deciduous & evergreen shrubs, broadleafs, ornamental grasses, perennials and more

– The software library covers USDA Hardiness Zones 1-11

– Ability to turn on/off color to create colored presentation plans

The Construction Details Library

$1,127 value

(6) Construction Detail Libraries totaling 40+ details

#1) Fencing (Wood Vertical & Horizontal Slat Fence, Louvered, Wrought Iron, Stacked & Cable Rail)

#2) Outdoor Kitchens (Grill with Stone Casework, Outdoor Cooker, Metal Frame, Fully Assembled, Wood Frame with Sink, Wood Fire Oven)

#3) Paving (Wet & Dry Laid, Wet Laid with Vegetation & Crushed Stone, Wet Laid with Solider Course, Crushed Stone Path, Concrete Slab, Concrete Slab with Solder Course, Permeable Paver)

#4) Planting (Canopy & Evergreen Tree, Deciduous Shrub with Stone & Wood Mulch, Perennial, Ornamental Grass, Potted Plant, Canopy Tree on Slope, Rain Garden)

#5) Shade Structure & Pavilions (Gabled Pavilion, Arched Pergola, Steel Cantilever, Garden Trellis, Pergola and Stone Column)

#6) Walls (Stone Treads, Seat Wall, Block Retaining Wall, Concrete Stairs with Veneer, Concrete Block Pillar, Retaining at Patio)

– 10 interchangeable footings (inside the wall and fence details) in 2D format ranging in depths from 24” to 78”

Available AutoCAD Course Options:

Product image for landscape design course in AutoCAD


This course does not include pre-built
CAD landscape libraries


Includes (2) pre-built CAD landscape libraries totaling 185+ landscape blocks and symbols:

– AutoCAD for Landscape Design Course valued at $997

– “The Minimalist Library” valued at $227

– “The Details Library” valued at $1,127

– Total value of $2,351

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just started in the landscape design industry?

Absolutely, this course is meant for a complete beginner or an intermediate user looking to boost their efficiency in the software.

By the end of this course you will know how to use every aspect of AutoCAD specifically to design landscape plans from start to finish. This same exact workflow can be applied to future projects and all resources and files provided within the training are yours to use.

The course covers a real-life, residential property (similar to what you will see in the field) with all files provided like plat of survey, homeowners notes, pictures and more. I take you through how to build up a landscape plan from scratch into a final landscape plan to present to your clients. During the course, you are taught:

    • How to establish a workflow to save time on future projects
    • Core fundamentals of landscape design for residential
    • How to master AutoCAD for landscape design
    • How to start and finish landscape plans for client meetings

How is the course taught?

The course is taught all online and is accessible 24/7 through our course dashboard. Upon purchasing the course, you will be given login details at which you can sign in to the course dashboard and begin learning AutoCAD immediately. 

How are the digital libraries delivered?

The digital files are pre-loaded in your course dashboard with corresponding material. To access your digital libraries, in week 2 you will find the Minimalist Plant Library and in week 3, you will find the Construction Details Library.

Are all modules released upfront?

Yes, all modules are released upfront. The course is set up to allow designers to watch and learn trainings in a free-form way.

Is AutoCAD included in the purchase of the course?

AutoCAD is not included with the purchase of AutoCAD for Landscape Design. I highly recommend AutoCAD LT, a more cost effective version of regular AutoCAD without 3D capabilities. Here is a link to AutoCAD LT by AutoDesk

What system are the tutorials recorded on?

All tutorials were recorded on Windows, however throughout the video trainings, shortcuts for Mac are announced. AutoCAD commands do not change regardless of system, only shortcuts are different

What is the return policy?

Due to the nature of the course modules being released upfront and including pre-built digital libraries that are available immediately for download, all course sales (including the payment plan) are final. If you have questions prior to purchase, we’d be glad to help. Please send questions to [email protected].

If you have questions prior to purchase, we’d be glad to help. Please email questions to [email protected]