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AutoCAD Training for Landscape Designers (Course Only)

This comprehensive online course simplifies AutoCAD and provides step-by-step trainings, tutorials and pre-built templates for users to learn AutoCAD to create 2D landscape designs. The skills you'll acquire in this course aren't just theoretical – they're immediately applicable to your landscape design projects. Impress clients and sell projects with your newfound capabilities. Upon enrolling, you immediately have full access to all modules, video tutorials and templates to start designing landscapes. The course portal never expires, and you have 24/7 access to learn AutoCAD for Landscape Design at your own pace.

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This comprehensive online course simplifies AutoCAD and provides all the resources, tools, and templates designers need to start and finish landscape plans in AutoCAD. Dive into practical, real-world projects that mirror actual landscape design scenarios. Through interactive modules, you’ll develop a deep understanding of how to bring your visions to life using AutoCAD.

When completed with this course, individuals will have a foundation of software skills and proven workflows to increase efficiency and productivity in AutoCAD. This course does not include pre-built CAD Libraries –The Details Library (value of $1,297) and The Minimalist Plant Library (value of $227).

This course is approved by The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) and earns you 5 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) towards your APLD certification.


Course Content for “AutoCAD for Landscape Designers (Course Only) Includes:

Lesson 1: Overview of AutoCAD

  • Module 1 – Learn Only What Matters
    • Get an overview of AutoCAD’s interface/navigation specific to landscape design and learn only what matters in AutoCAD for the profession
  • Module 2 – Learn (24) AutoCAD Commands for Landscape Designers
    • Designed to serve as a library with short, step-by-step videos – and practice assignments helping you learn 24 of the most valuable AutoCAD commands used for landscape design.
    • Files Provided: .dwg file with Practice AutoCAD Commands Assignments
  • Module 3 – Import Pen Settings (.ctb file included)
    • Learn the basics of Pen Settings and upload the pre-built pen settings file to transform your drawings into presentation style drawings.
    • Files Provided: .ctb file with pre-built pen settings

Lesson 2: How to Start Landscape Plans in AutoCAD

  • Module 1 – Four Methods to Starting a Landscape Plan in AutoCAD
    • Understand the four main different methods to start ever single landscape project, this process has not changed over the last 10+ years.
    • Files Provided: .dwg file with AutoCAD Layers specific to Landscape Design
  • Module 2 – Onsite Measurements
    • Learn how to import images with onsite measurements to create a basemap
    • Files Provided: Onsite measurements provided by contractor + .dwg file for reference
  • Module 3 – Rasterized Plat of Survey
    • Understand and identify a rasterized survey and learn how to import a rasterized plat of survey to create a basemap
    • Files Provided: Rasterized Plat of Survey provided by homeowner + .dwg file for reference
  • Module 4 – Vectorized Plat of Survey
    • Understand and identify a vectorized survey and learn how to import a vectorized plat of survey to create a basemap
    • Files Provided: Vectorized Plat of Survey provided by architect + .dwg file for reference
  • Module 5 – Engineer’s AutoCAD File
    • Review and understand an engineer’s AutoCAD file to create a basemap
    • Files Provided: AutoCAD File provided by engineer

Lesson 3: How to Design Landscapes with AutoCAD

  • Module 1 – Basemap Preparation
    • Create a basemap with a Vector Plat of Survey
    • Files Provided: Vector survey and referenced .dwg file.
  • Module 2 – Creating Grids Across Site
    • Establish continuity within the site by learning how to create grids from existing on-site elements.
    • Files Provided: The Minimalist Plant Library ($247) value)
  • Module 3 – Functional Diagramming
    • Learn how to transform any site into a fully functioning, performative landscape design that takes account space planning.
    • Files Provided: PDF of Chapter 8 from 5th Edition of Residential Landscape Architecture: Design Process for the Private Residence by Norman K. Booth and James E. Hiss
  • Module 4 – Conceptual Planning
    • Utilize The Minimalist Plant Library to embellish the landscape plan with pre-built elements like plant blocks, outdoor furniture, kitchens, etc.
    • Files Provided: Checklist of items to include in the landscape provided by homeowner + referenced .dwg file
  • Module 5 – Design Development
    • Employ the 24 AutoCAD Commands to transform your concept into a flushed out design landscape design.
    • Files Provided: Referenced .dwg file.

Lesson 4: How to Setup Title Blocks and Export Landscape Plans to PDF

  • Module 1 – Construction Detailing
    • Utilize the Construction Detail Library to communicate landscape ideas to contractors and homeowners
    • Files Provided: The Details Library ($1297 value, depending on package selection)
  • Module 2 – Finalizing a Landscape Plan
    • What to look for when finalizing the landscape design packet for presentation
  • Module 3 – Exporting and Printing to PDF
    • Take your landscape plan from the computer to a printable PDF to present at client meetings from the Pen Settings delivered in Week 1
    • Files Provided: Referenced PDF file
  • Module 4- What Not to Do in AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD is not a complicated program, learn the “what do to do’s” that I have learned over the course of 10+ years.

All course modules and templates are available immediately upon purchase. Due to the nature of information immediately available upon purchase, all sales are final. If you have questions prior to purchase, please feel free to email [email protected] with questions. 


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