Construction Details: Paving

The Paving Details Library contains (9) different Paving Construction Details for use in landscape design plans.

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What’s included:

(9) Paving Construction Details

  1. Wet-laid 2” Paver Stone

  2. Dry-laid 3” Paver Stone

  3. Wet-laid 2” Paver Stone with Vegetation

  4. Wet-laid 2” Paver Stone with Soldier/Sailor Course

  5. Wet-laid 2” Paver Stone with Crushed Decorative Stone

  6. Crushed Decorative Stone Path

  7. 4” Poured Concrete Slab

  8. 4” Poured Concrete Slab with 3” Solider/Sailor Course

  9. Permeable Paver with Concrete Curb

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