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Introduction to AutoCAD for Landscape Design

Learn how to use AutoCAD for Landscape Design with this introduction course for complete beginners containing pre-built templates, CAD landscape layers, and templates. Unlike generic AutoCAD courses, we've meticulously tailored our curriculum to cater specifically to beginner landscape designers desiring to use AutoCAD as their primary software. Our self-paced learning environment allows you to tailor your learning journey to your busy schedule. No more rushing through lessons – take your time to grasp the concepts fully. Once completed with this course, you will be able to produce 2D landscape plans with AutoCAD as your primary software.

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Product Description

Unlock your creative potential and transform your landscape design ideas into stunning visual realities with our cutting-edge online AutoCAD course for beginners, “Introduction to AutoCAD for Landscape Design.” Whether you’re an aspiring landscape architect, a seasoned designer, or someone with a passion for outdoor aesthetics, this course is your gateway to unleashing your design prowess. Dive into practical, real-world projects that mirror actual landscape design scenarios. Through interactive modules, you’ll develop a deep understanding of how to bring your visions to life using AutoCAD.

If you’re pursuing a career in landscape architecture, this AutoCAD course for beginners will set you on the path to success. Enhance your resume with a valuable skill set that’s in high demand in the industry. Once you’ve completed the course, showcase your accomplishment with a recognized certificate of completion. It’s not just about what you’ve learned – it’s about the dedication and effort you’ve invested.

Course Content for “Introduction to AutoCAD for Landscape Design” Includes:

  • How to set up AutoCAD for landscape design
    • Many AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) disciplines use AutoCAD, learn how to use the software for landscape.
  • How to create accurate base plans of existing project sites
    • The main foundation to every landscape plan is the base plan, learn how to precisely create accurate plans.
  • How to create landscape layers with custom lineweights
    • Layer management is key to future revisions, learn how to create specific layers to turn on/off specific elements.
  • How to use (24) of the most used commands in AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD has 150 total commands, learn some of the most popular commands to design landscape faster.
  • How to dimension the main elements of a landscape plan
    • Contractors and installation crews immediately resonate with dimensions, learn how to dimension the main elements.
  • How to import Plat of Surveys in PDF format or .jpeg format
    • Every landscape plan starts with a project site, learn how to import site documents into AutoCAD to start designing.
  • How to work with XREF’s from Civil Engineers or other AEC disciplines
    • Landscape designers often work with Civil Engineers, import their documents and lock the .dwg file into your landscape.
  • How to create plant lists and include material lists on landscape plan
    • Specifying plants is one of the major jobs as a landscape designer, learn to include tables on your plans for contractors.
  • How to create a plant symbol and transfer into a block
    • AutoCAD does not come equipped with pre-loaded plant symbols, learn how to create custom plants for your region.
  • How to draw topography/contour sections
    • Sections convey volumetric space and show how certain elements relate to the ground, learn how to these drawings.
  • How to set up your landscape plan on paper
    • Set up your landscape plans with different viewports to show various scales or details on your landscape plan.
  • How to export landscape plans for client meetings
    • Export your drawings to PDF so you can take your landscape plans to client meetings or for construction crews to install.


When enrolled in this course, you are supplied with an “AutoCAD Starter Pack” which includes limited pre-built CAD landscape blocks and layers. For additional CAD Libraries containing highly detailed Landscape Plant Symbols and Hardscape Layouts – check out “The Minimalist Plant Library”

All course modules and templates are available immediately upon purchase. Due to this nature of information immediately available upon purchase, all sales are final. If you have questions prior to purchase, please feel free to email with questions.

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