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Rhino for 3D Landscapes

This comprehensive online course simplifies Rhinoceros 3D and provides all the workflows and essential tools to train first-time to intermediate users to build 3D models and render landscape architecture and design visualizations. Upon enrolling, you immediately have full access to 11+ hours of on-demand videos and other material to start designing landscapes. The course portal never expires, and you have 24/7 access to learn Rhinoceros for 3D Landscapes at your own pace.

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This Rhinoceros 3D Landscape Design online course simplifies Rhino’s interface by eliminating what you do not need to know for landscape design while teaching workflows and efficiencies proven to create 2D landscape plans and 3D models to render photo-realistic landscape visualizations.

When completed with this online course training, individuals will have the proven workflows, essential tools and knowledge to build 3D models and render landscape architecture visualizations to use on future projects.


Course Content of Rhino for 3D Landscape Training:

Module 1: Overview of Rhino

  • Lesson 1: Welcome Video
  • Lesson 2: Overview of Rhino’s Interface
  • Lesson 3: Overview of Rhino Commands
  • Lesson 4: Learn 2D Specific Commands (20 commands)
  • Lesson 5: Learn 3D Specific Commands (27 commands)
  • Lesson 6: Learn Operational Commands (15 commands)
    • LENGTH: ~ 5 HOURS | VIDEOS: 65


Module 2: How to Start a Landscape in 2D Before Transferring to 3D

  • Lesson 1: Reviewing Plat of Survey
  • Lesson 2: Starting with On-Site Measurements
  • Lesson 3: Importing Raster PDF
  • Lesson 4: Importing Vector PDF
  • Lesson 5: Using Civil Engineer’s AutoCAD File
    • LENGTH: ~ 1 HOUR | VIDEOS: 5


Module 3: Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Lesson 1: Creating Grids Across Project Site
  • Lesson 2: Creating Functional Diagrams
  • Lesson 3: Design 2D Concept Landscape Plan
    • LENGTH: ~ 1 HOUR | VIDEOS: 3


Module 4: Building 3D Landscapes with Rhino

  • Lesson 1: Making Surfaces from 2D Planes
  • Lesson 2: Modeling Contours and Topography
  • Lesson 3: Developing 3D Model and Details
  • Lesson 4: Adding 3D Plants and Vegetation
  • Lesson 5: Assigning Materials to Surfaces
    • LENGTH: ~ 2 HOURS | VIDEOS: 5


Module 5: Rendering 3D Landscapes

  • Lesson 1: Overview of Enscape
  • Lesson 2: How to Apply Custom Textures
  • Lesson 3: How to Add 3D Assets and Components with Enscape
  • Lesson 4: How to Export Photo-Realistic Renderings
    • LENGTH: ~ 2 HOURS | VIDEOS: 3


All course modules and templates are available immediately upon purchase. Due to this nature of information immediately available upon purchase, all sales are final. If you have questions prior to purchase, please feel free to email [email protected] with questions.


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