The Details Library

The Details Library Bundle Contains (6) Construction Detail Libraries Totaling 40+ Details.

$ 1,127.00

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What’s included:

(6) Construction Detail Libraries totaling 40+ details

  1. Fencing (Wood Vertical & Horizontal Slat Fence, Louvered, Wrought Iron, Stacked & Cable Rail)

  2. Outdoor Kitchens (Grill with Stone Casework, Outdoor Cooker, Metal Frame, Fully Assembled, Wood Frame with Sink, Wood Fire Oven)

  3. Paving (Wet & Dry Laid, Wet Laid with Vegetation & Crushed Stone, Wet Laid with Solider Course, Crushed Stone Path, Concrete Slab, Concrete Slab with Solder Course, Permeable Paver)

  4. Planting (Canopy & Evergreen Tree, Deciduous Shrub with Stone & Wood Mulch, Perennial, Ornamental Grass, Potted Plant, Canopy Tree on Slope, Rain Garden)

  5. Shade Structure & Pavilions (Gabled Pavilion, Arched Pergola, Steel Cantilever, Garden Trellis, Pergola and Stone Column)

  6. Walls (Stone Treads, Seat Wall, Block Retaining Wall, Concrete Stairs with Veneer, Concrete Block Pillar, Retaining at Patio)

  • 10 interchangeable footings (inside the wall and fence details) in 2D format ranging in depths from 24” to 78”

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