The Elevations Library

The Elevations Library Bundle Contains (5) Elevation Libraries Totaling 25+ Elevations.

$ 667.00



What’s included:

(5) Elevation Libraries totaling 25+ elevations

  1. Fencing (Wood Vertical & Horizontal Slat Fence, Louvered, Wrought Iron, Stacked & Cable Rail)

  2. Outdoor Kitchens (Fully Assembled and Stone Casework Ranging in Lengths from 48” L to 192” L)

  3. Planting (Structure of Trees: Oval, Vase, Round, Spreading, Weeping, Pyramidal Shape)

  4. Shade Structure & Pavilion (Gabled Pavilion, Arched Pergola, Steel Cantilever, Garden Trellis, Pergola and Stone Column)

  5. Walls (Boulder Wall, Tiered Block Wall, Gabion Wall, Water Feature)

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