Learn How to 3D Model
and Render Landscapes

The #1 online platform to learn Rhino and Enscape software for landscape architecture and design.

3 Areas of Design Taught in this Course:

1. Designing in 2D

The fastest way to develop ideas and concepts in landscape architecture is through 2D. Within this course, learn how to prepare 2D drawings for contractors or install crews to get your landscapes built. Learn how to develop your primary landscape plan through functional diagramming and take this drawing into the next step of 3D modeling.

2. Modeling in 3D

3D modeling is a process of seeing how the proposed landscape reacts to the existing surroundings and how comfortable a space feels. One of the greatest advantages of 3D is studying how light affects the space and how 3D design will help you bring your clients' vision to life. Using 3D software allows you to export drawings not just in plan view, but also in elevation and section view - which are crucial drawings for contractors and install crews.

3. Creating Realistic Renderings

During the last step of this course, you will be assigning materials, placing 3D components in the landscape such as furniture, plantings, entourage and surrounding structures to show the spatial qualities of the site. This course is deeply rooted in the core principles of landscape architecture including: form, texture, color, scale, proportion, unity and rhythm.

Who this course is perfect for:

Course Includes:


Hours of Running Video


Video Tutorials



Course Outline:

Module 1: Overview of Rhino

Lesson 1: Welcome Video

Lesson 2: Overview of Rhino’s Interface

Lesson 3: Overview of Rhino Commands

Lesson 4: Learn 2D Specific Commands (20 commands)

Lesson 5: Learn 3D Specific Commands (27 commands)

Lesson 6: Learn Operational Commands (15 commands)


Module 2: Design Landscapes in 2D

Lesson 1: Reviewing Plat of Survey

Lesson 2: Starting with On-Site Measurements

Lesson 3: Importing Raster PDF

Lesson 4: Importing Vector PDF

Lesson 5: Using Civil Engineer’s AutoCAD File


Week 3: Introduction to 3D Modeling

Lesson 1: Creating Grids Across Project Site

Lesson 2: Creating Functional Diagrams

Lesson 3: Design 2D Concept Landscape Plan

**all files are pre-loaded in the course dashboard**


Week 4: Design Landscapes in 3D

Lesson 1: Making Surfaces from 2D Planes

Lesson 2: Modeling Contours and Topography

Lesson 3: Developing 3D Model and Details

Lesson 4: Adding 3D Plants and Vegetation

Lesson 5: Assigning Materials to Surfaces


Module 5: Rendering Realistic Renderings with Enscape

Lesson 1: Overview of Enscape

Lesson 2: Assigning Enscape Textures to Surfaces

Lesson 3: Addin 3D Components and Vegetation

Lesson 4: Adding Custom Textures

Lesson 5: Exporting Render to .JPEG


About Realistic Renderings

Realistic renderings are a great way to show your client's the proposed landscape which include materials, furniture layouts, and types of plantings. The benefit to these types of renderings is that they evoke a feeling of how the space will feel before the space is built. Within this course, you will learn how to apply materials to your 3D design.

Learn How to Create Realistic Renderings

Before Rendering with Enscape
After Rendering with Enscape

Frequently Asked Questions

I operate on a Mac, does the Rhino work on Apple products?

Yes! Rhino the software works on Mac and Windows and this online course is also compatible with both operating systems. The tutorials within the course were recorded on a PC, however, I mention how to use shortcuts for Mac throughout the course.

Does the course portal expire?

Course portal never expires and you have unlimited access to the material which includes free updates to future trainings.

Is Rhino included?

Rhino is not included with the purchase of this course. Here is the link to Rhino’s official website to purchase the software. (https://www.rhino3d.com/en/sales/north-america/United_States/)

What software's are required for this course?

The only software needed for this course is Rhino. Optional programs include:

  • Enscape by Chaos Group for realistic renderings
  • Photoshop by Adobe for collage renderings

Is this course meant for an entry-level designer?

  • Absolutely, this course is meant for a complete beginner or an intermediate user looking to boost their efficiency in the software.
  • By the end of this course you will know how to use every aspect of Rhino specifically for the landscape architecture and design industry to create plans and renderings for clients and your business.This same exact workflow can be applied to future projects and all resources and files provided within the training are yours to use.
  • The course covers a real-life, residential property (similar to what you will see in the field) with all files provided like plat of survey, homeowners notes, pictures and more. I take you through how to build up a landscape plan from scratch into a final landscape plan to present to your clients.

What is the return policy?

All course sales are final due to the nature of immediately gaining access to the course and all of the downloads, templates and resources. 

If you have questions prior to purchase, we’d be glad to help. Please send questions to [email protected]

About the Instructor

After leaving Bjarke Ingels Group in 2020, I freelanced for award winning and upscale landscape design professionals in the United States using AutoCAD, Rhino and Enscape as my primary software to develop 2D plans and 3D renderings. Regardless of the geographic location, I noticed the lack of resources the industry provides for landscape designers.

In 2021, shortly after realizing this, I founded The Landscape Library to bridge the gap between small and large businesses by creating an online platform that provides trainings, pre-built digital tools, resources and media for landscape designers.

With all the demands small businesses are trying to juggle while designing for clients, it can be difficult to learn a software quickly without creating bad habits. Which is why our course will provide a solid foundation to design landscapes in Rhino and Enscape to accelerate the learning curve by learning only what matters.

Immediately upon enrolling, an email will be sent to your email with login credentials and instructions to access the course portal.