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3D Modeling & Rendering

The #1 online course for learning how to create realistic renderings for landscape design.

About the course:


Hours of Running Video


Video Tutorials



In this course, you will learn to:

Design in 2D
Model in 3D
Create Renderings

By the end of this course, you will know:

  • How to use top 60 Rhino commands specifically for landscape to save time while designing
  • How to import various types of files (ie: Plat of Surveys) to prepare accurate and precise basemaps
  • How to create surfaces and build 3D landscape models through to setup realistic renderings
  • How to apply custom materials, 3D vegetation, and furniture for outdoor living environments
  • How to export high-definition & photorealistic renderings for clients and presentations

Course Content:

Course Previews:

When You Enroll, You Receive:

Rhino for 3D Modeling Landscapes

  • 11+ hours of recorded video tutorials
  • 60 Rhino commands to reduce confusion & frustration
  • 80+ step-by-step tutorials specific for landscape design
  • 24/7 support with unlimited time and access to learn how to use Rhino & Enscape for landscape design.

When finished with this course, you will have:

Optimized Workflow

Rhino is an advanced 3D modeling software. When finished with this online course you will have optimized workflows proven in landscape architecture and design.


Lifetime Access + Support

We know you are busy which is why there is lifetime course access, making it easier and less stressful to learn a completely new software in a short amount of time.

Tools For Success

Learning a new software is hard. When finished with this online course you will have all the information, tutorials, and library of videos to revisit when needed to be successful in the industry.

About the Instructor

I’m Jordan – founder of The Landscape Library.

I believe landscape software is an extension to the designer and allows them to perform at a higher level.

After leaving Bjarke Ingels Group, I freelanced for award winning and upscale landscape design professionals in the United States using Rhino & Enscape as my primary software to develop plans, sections and renderings for client’s. Regardless of the geographic location, I noticed businesses, employees and designers not exploiting software’s to their full capability- ultimately slowing down the process and not taking advantage of efficiency in software.

Shortly after realizing this, I founded The Landscape Library to bridge the gap between small and large businesses by creating an online platform that provides trainings, pre-built digital tools, resources and media for landscape designers.

Media Features:

Course Certification

Once completing “Rhino for 3D Landscapes”, you will receive a Certification of Completion certificate!

Your hard work, time commitment, and enhancement of software skills are rewarded by entering and completing this online course.

Software's Taught in This Course:

"This online course was a very satisfying course to participate in. I will be returning to the different modules to refresh what I learned and to add and additional learning.
Landscape Designer

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What if I just started in the landscape design industry?

Absolutely, this course is meant for a complete beginner or an intermediate user looking to boost their efficiency in the software.

By the end of this course you will know how to use every aspect of Rhino specifically to design landscape plans from start to finish. This same exact workflow can be applied to future projects and all resources and files provided within the training are yours to use.

The course covers a real-life, residential property (similar to what you will see in the field) with all files provided like plat of survey, homeowners notes, pictures and more. I take you through how to build up a landscape plan from scratch into a final landscape plan to present to your clients. During the course, you are taught:

  • How to establish a workflow to save time on future projects
  • Core fundamentals of landscape design for residential
  • How to master Rhino for landscape design
  • How to start and finish landscape plans for client meetings
How is the course taught?

The course is taught all online and is accessible 24/7 through our course dashboard. Upon purchasing the course, you will be given login details at which you can sign in to the course dashboard and begin learning Rhino immediately. 

Are all modules released upfront?

All modules are released upfront and allows designers to skip material if they are advanced. However, we highly recommend not skipping material as all modules and lesson are in a seuqnetial order for optimal learning.

Is Rhino or Enscape included in the purchase of the course?

Rhino and/or Enscape is not included with the purchase of “Rhino for 3D Landscapes”. Users are responsible for downloading/purchasing the software separately from our online course.

What system are the tutorials recorded on?

All tutorials were recorded on Windows, however throughout the video trainings, shortcuts for Mac are announced. Rhino commands do not change regardless of system, only shortcuts are different.

What is the return policy?

Due to the nature of the course modules being released upfront and are available immediately to watch, all course sales are final. If you have questions prior to purchase, we’d be glad to help. Please send questions to contact@thelandscapelibrary.com.

If you have questions prior to purchase, we’d be glad to help. Please send questions to either the contact form below or

Chat located in the bottom right of the webpage.