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Landscape Architecture

Read the top articles covering the latest landscape architecture topics such as sustainability, garden trends, and products within the field.

Residential construction site panorama with concrete pool in the foreground

How to Reduce the Cost of Land Grading

Explore various methods to reduce the cost of land grading, offering insights and practical tips for homeowners, designers and contractors.

3 Types of Natural Stone Surfaces for Patios & Walkways

Stone type characteristics has the ability to enhance an outdoor space and provide function, see which application to use and when.

Flagstone patio with a natural wood burning firepit bordered by natural boulders.

5 Natural Stone Materials to Build a Patio

See the benefits of using a natural stone for your patio is that this material is easy to maintain and typically lasts longer.

The History of Classical Landscape Architecture

Learn the history of classical landscape architecture and how this influential style is defined by mathematics, perfect proportions, symmetry, and harmony.

Ways to Add Winter Interest to a Landscape

During the winter season, many landscapes turn bare as vegetation loses foliage. See how these unique ways can transform your dull garden.

Key Architectural Principles When Designing Water Features

Designing water features can require great amounts of detail. This article covers the design principles from scale to proportion, and color to location.

Top differences between a landscape architect and a landscape designer

This article covers key differences between landscape architects and designers including education, licensing, and project types.

How to Design a Garden with The Best Online Landscape Design Courses_ Image01

How to Design a Garden with The Best Online Landscape Design Courses

Learn how to design landscape gardens with the help of the #1 online course, teaching individuals how to use AutoCAD for landscape design.

Thomas Church Featured Image

Landscape Architect Spotlight: Thomas Church

Thomas Church is a landscape architect and pioneer of Modernism in garden design. This article features Church's design process and style.

What are the 10 principles of landscape design?

Good landscape design follows a set of principles that can be used in all types of projects, see how these principles make a difference.


The 5 Most Common ‘Spring Plant-Related’ Questions Answered

Spring plants are important to every landscape. This article will answer 5 of the most common spring-related questions to help you freshen up on this topic.

7 Modern Landscape Trends for 2022 Image01

4 Landscape Design Ideas for Every Yard

The landscape industry is ever evolving & designers are always searching for new ideas, learn about 4 main items to consider for the yard.

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