Classical Layered Look for this European Inspired Garden

Classical Layered Look Image01
Project by Bromley Landscape Design

Just 80 miles east of Manhattan in the historic village of Southampton, NY, lies a landscape design inspired by European gardens

Bromley Landscape Design, led by Matthew Bromley, “sought to curate a garden with a layered and enduring feel that embodied both the classical history of garden design as well as the agrarian past of eastern Long Island.”

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Project by Bromley Landscape Design

The symmetry of the garden is formed through axial planning – with one centerline that runs through the pool and organizes the entire space. 

Anchored on one side of the pool is a “strategically placed custom built trellis that creates two distinct spaces” said Bromley.

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Project by Bromley Landscape Design

While one side of the trellis hosts the pool and outdoor seating, the mirrored side is arranged with formal plantings that help establish proportion and scale. 

“The goal of the outdoor space was to compliment the pool with a dramatic moment while adding a sense of dimension and interest” Bromley said.

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Project by Bromley Landscape Design

Bromley described how on each of their projects, he concentrates on major “moments”  in the landscape but makes sure to capitalize on even the smallest niches within the garden. 

Whether it be the project as a whole or within specific spaces, Bromley always utilizes seven principles of design to achieve a natural and well considered landscape: space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern.

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Project by Bromley Landscape Design

To help give his design an even more curated feel Bromley Landscape Design collaborated with Brittany Bromley Interiors to accessorize the outdoor space, selecting timeless furniture and ornate garden elements like sculpture, urns, picture frames and assorted French objects.

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